Using Collaborative Law For A Respectful Divorce

What is the definition of collaborative family law practice? Supportive, considerate, sensible, constructive, mutual — a different way to divorce or to settle the issues of the breakup of an intimate relationship (civil union). The end of a marriage or civil union is emotionally devastating for the parties and their children but it is made much more so if the process of dissolving the marriage or relationship is processed through the court system. No one comes away satisfied if they allow the court system to decide issues such as custody of children, division of assets, debts and support rather than working out these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

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The collaborative family law practice offers an alternative to the court process that is reasonable and based on three principles:

  • Both parties and their attorneys make a pledge not to go to court
  • An honest, open and transparent exchange of information by both spouses
  • A solution by the parties with the assistance and advice of their lawyers and other collaborative law professionals, if necessary, that takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and their children

Mutual respect is fundamental to collaborative family law practice. You may cease to be spouses or partners, but you don't cease to be worthy human beings — and you never cease to be parents to your children. When respect is given and received, discussions are likely to be more productive and an agreement reached more easily.

Collaborative practice focuses on attaining resolution of all issues. Instead of being an endless airing of grievances, collaborative practice encourages people to reach a settlement by building on areas of mutual agreement. The collaborative model is designed to protect the interests of your children and assist you and your spouse or partner to move forward with your new lives.

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