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August 2015 Archives

Court Confirms Paternity of One Twin

In an interesting decision, the trial court confirmed a finding of paternity against a father as to one of two twins after reviewing the relevant DNA evidence, and accepting expert testimony, which indicated that the twins had different biological fathers.  

Interim Financial Issues (Pendente Lite Support)

One of the biggest concerns for individuals embarking upon divorce litigation, and the most common area of motion practice during the pendency of a divorce, involves interim access to a divorcing couples' assets and interim payment of expenses/support. In the vernacular of family law attorneys, these issues fall under the category of "pendente lite support."

Introducing Children to New Girlfriend/Boyfriend

In a published trial court decision, the issue of a DeVita restraint, i.e., the term used to describe a court order which limits the amount of exposure which a divorcing parent may permit a child to have with the parent's new girlfriend or boyfriend, was reviewed.  The review included consideration of whether the new girlfriend or boyfriend would be permitted to spend the night when the child was present.