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About divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Divorce |

New Jersey couples who are looking for an alternative to a litigious divorce may consider divorce mediation. The mediation process involves an unbiased third party who will work to smooth the way for both parties to come to mutually agreeable divorce terms.

There are a number of advantages of going through the mediation process for a divorce. Couples are able to avoid having the litigation process, which can be very expensive and emotionally traumatic for all parties involved. It is particularly beneficial for couples who have children together as it sets the stage for the couple to develop a continuous relationship that is without resentment. Divorce settlements also tend to take less time with divorce mediation than they do with litigation.

Divorcing couples will also find that they are able to avoid the effects of a trial. Mediation sessions are confidential and can reduce the stressful conflict the parties may experience in other settings. Couples who obtain a divorce through the mediation process tend to be much happier with the outcome than those who divorce by going to trial. This is because the couples who went through mediation had to work together to develop their own divorce agreement.

Even though many couples will find mediation an attractive alternative to a traditional divorce, the process may be the best choice for every divorce situation. Cases in which the parties refuse to work together and compromise, enter the mediation sessions in bad faith or are unable to honest voice their opinions because of fear may be best served seeking other divorce solutions.

A divorce attorney may examine the circumstances of a client’s divorce and which legal avenues should be pursued to obtain a divorce. Litigation may be recommended to ensure that a client’s rights and interests are protected during disputes regarding divorce legal issues.

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