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Make these tech changes during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Divorce |

People in New Jersey increasingly rely on their digital devices for all aspects of life, from choosing a meal to watching an entertainment program. As a result, these devices are hubs for highly personal information and communication. During a divorce, people may use email or chat programs to communicate with their divorce lawyer or to share their concerns with friends and family. As a result, people may want to think about ways that they can protect their tech security during and after a divorce.

Married couples often share tech devices and digital accounts. They may know each other’s email passwords, smartphone passcodes and online logins. In many cases, they share joint accounts for online banking, a home mortgage or credit cards. In some cases, they may even share joint email or social media accounts. Divorce comes with separating many intertwined relationships, and this can include online accounts. While people may need to keep online banking access to joint accounts in place throughout the divorce, people should act quickly to change the passwords for their personal accounts. Online privacy is important during even the most amicable divorce, and a password change can be an easy task with major benefits.

Once the financial accounts are disentangled, it can be important to also change the information for these individual accounts. Similarly, people may want to make changes to how they handle their social media. While some amicable couples may want to remain friends, people who went through a more contentious divorce or simply need emotional space may wish to block their former partners.

People who are going through a divorce may find that it affects nearly all areas of life. A family law attorney may help to answer key questions while working to achieve a fair settlement on major issues like spousal support and property division.

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