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Why January is being called Divorce Month

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Divorce |

Individuals in legal circles have started to call the month of January “Divorce Month.” Statistics reveal that divorce filings go up during the first part of the month of January. Even queries in search engines and online platforms reveal that more people are searching for things related to divorce during this time of the year. Individuals in New Jersey and other places may wonder why this is the case.

One reason behind why January is starting to be called “Divorce Month” may have to do with the fact that people want to make positive changes in their life at the beginning of the year. If they feel unsatisfied with their marriage and their life, part of making positive changes may include a divorce.

Another factor at play may be the extra stress that couples experience during the holiday season. Things like spending time with in-laws and traveling could cause a person to feel like they never want to spend another holiday season with their spouse. Instead of announcing to the kids that divorce is on the horizon during the holidays, many couples choose to wait until afterward.

While the divorce process is never easy, kindness can go a long way in protecting everyone’s emotional well-being, especially the children’s. Contentious divorces are not necessary. In addition to the emotional damage they cause, they usually end up costing the couple a lot more money.

Learning as much about the divorce process as possible has helped some couples make the best of the situation. An attorney may be able to answer a person’s questions about how a divorce will affect their children and their finances. The attorney might provide information about child custody, asset division and alimony. They may also provide assistance when it comes to preparing divorce papers and filing them in the appropriate location.

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