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Call us before springing divorce on your spouse

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Divorce |

Have you come to a fork in the road for your marriage? You may be trying to evaluate and assess the viability of your marriage to determine how you will go forward. But the one thing that you know for certain is that you haven’t been happy with your relationship with your spouse for a long time.

Before taking any actions that can have lasting repercussions, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice. We can help you explore all the options you have: Seeking counseling to get your marriage back on track, agreeing to remain in a parenting marriage for the kids’ sake or making the decision to separate and divorce.

It’s also prudent to identify all the assets and resources of your combined marital property, as well as adding up all the financial liabilities of the marriage. Simply knowing what you have and will need to split can indicate whether you will be able to afford to live singly should you choose to divorce.

You also need to find out whether you will need to pay or can receive spousal support, as well as factoring in the amount of child support that you are eligible to receive or must pay on behalf of your minor children. These are important considerations, and we can run the numbers for you to get a much more precise picture of your post-divorce finances.

Knowing how the scenario is likely to play out can help you decide how to approach your spouse about ending your marriage. Armed with facts, figures and an exit plan, you can help to defuse an overly emotional response from your spouse upon learning of your desire to end your marriage.

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