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What are the biggest hazards of driving during the summer?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Summers in New Jersey see more people hitting the roads. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when there are more car accidents. The following circumstances can make driving more hazardous during these months.

More rain

Besides the heat, there is often more rainfall during the summer. This causes the roads to become slippery, which can lead to a car accident if the tires lose traction. In particularly heavy rain, a vehicle can hydroplane if the driver doesn’t slow down.

More inexperienced drivers

While school is out for the summer, there is a slew of inexperienced teen drivers on the roads. Kids want to get out with their friends and enjoy fun activities during their free time while the weather is nice. However, their inexperience behind the wheel can lead to an uptick in car accidents.

More traffic

Summer also means that there’s more traffic on the roads. Some drivers can become easily frustrated in that situation, which could cause instances of road rage and aggressive driving. Even if drivers don’t engage in those dangerous behaviors, significant road congestion could still result in an accident that might even involve multiple vehicles.

Increase in road construction

Road construction takes place more often during the summer, causing lanes to be closed off and drivers to take alternate routes. It can also lead to more accidents when vehicles have to merge and drivers are not fully alert and careful.

Vehicles breaking down

Due to the summer heat, some vehicles break down on the road. If a car suddenly stalls without warning, a rear-end accident can occur if the driver in the vehicle behind it fails to immediately notice or react in time.

Staying as alert as possible and using defensive driving could prevent summertime accidents.
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