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Malpractice claims that could stem from medication mistakes

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

While getting medications filled in New Jersey, you typically need to provide photo identification, information about your insurance coverage, and prescription information from your doctor before receiving the final product. Even though care is used to the utmost extent, there are dispensing errors that can occur that could lead to filing a malpractice claim.

The wrong details

A common reason medication errors could result in a medical malpractice claim is dispensing the wrong medication or the wrong dose of the medication that you’re supposed to get. Sometimes, a number could be incorrectly entered, resulting in the wrong dose. Also, the handwriting on a prescription might not be clear enough, resulting in the person filling the medication giving a similar drug but not what’s requested.


There are times that medications can be mislabeled. This is something that could occur in the manufacturing facility or once the prescription arrives at the pharmacy. When labels aren’t used as they are supposed to be, it could result in you getting a completely different medication than you’re supposed to get. If this happens, you or your family could file a malpractice claim if injuries or death occur.

Harmful medications

At times, the pharmacist might not take the time to investigate drug allergies or reactions that you could have had with other medications. This error could also occur if the pharmacist dispenses medicines that could react with others that you’re taking, resulting in significant side effects.

Although getting medications from a pharmacy is often a safe practice, mistakes can happen that could lead to severe injuries or death. Affected parties can file a malpractice claim to help compensate the injured party or the family.