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Sexual Harassment Claims At Work

No one should have to undergo sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers must be punished for putting employees in terrible situations and refusing to do anything about it. If you believe you or a loved one has experienced sexual harassment, you should speak with an experienced, knowledgeable sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible.

The employment lawyers of The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC have tremendous experience in sexual harassment cases and can use their experience to help anyone in New Jersey. In just one example, we obtained a $250,000 recovery for a female police officer who suffered a hostile work environment. See our verdicts and settlements page for more on this and other past cases.

Contact our employment law attorneys at The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC in Red Bank now to discuss your case.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: What It Is And What Is Isn’t

Sexual harassment is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of law. The law recognizes two different types of sexual harassment:

  • Quid pro quo, in which an employer demands sexual favors in exchange for promotion or other job-related benefits.
  • Hostile work environment, in which a workplace displays a hostile and pervasive pattern of inflicting sexually suggestive imagery, suggestions, gestures, etc. A few isolated incidents do not typically make for a valid sexual harassment case.

Most likely, you need to give your employer a chance to remedy sexually harassing behavior. Most employee manuals dictate internal processes that employees must follow before filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against the employer.

For anyone who may have a sexual harassment case, it is vital to preserve as much evidence as possible. People often expect that their co-workers will step forward to testify, and then are disappointed to see people refuse to testify because they are afraid doing so will jeopardize their jobs.

Contact A New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorney

You may be unsure whether you have a valid sexual harassment case. We strongly recommend that you contact The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC and let our experienced sexual harassment lawyers analyze your case. We will sit with you, go through what happened, and give you the compassionate, knowledgeable guidance you need. Call us at 732-747-6016.