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Do You Have Child Custody Concerns?

When minor children are involved in a marital breakup or the separation of unmarried couples, it is necessary to determine the parents’ respective financial responsibilities and decide where the children will live. In addition to distribution of assets and other issues such as spousal support, child support and child custody determinations are the most important results of divorce proceedings involving children.

Contact a New Jersey child custody lawyer at Miller & Gaudio PC in Red Bank to schedule a consultation regarding child custody arrangements, negotiation of disputes and settlement agreements.

Child custody orders in divorce decrees are intended to protect the best interests of the children. From our perspective at the family law offices of Miller & Gaudio PC, decisions about which parent the children will reside with are best resolved out of court.

Child Custody Mediation Is Often Effective

Family law mediation provides a private, parent-controlled process for crafting and resolving acceptable child custody and visitation agreements. Parents themselves usually know best where their children are most likely to thrive. Noncustodial parents also understand the importance of parenting time for preserving and strengthening parent-child bonds. Reasonable mothers and fathers are usually able to emphasize their children’s long-term and short-term needs through child custody mediation.

More Complex Custody Disputes May Require Litigation

Miller & Gaudio PC is prepared to handle complex litigation when child custody is contested. However, if all reasonable opportunities to resolve a child custody dispute through negotiation and mediation fail to produce an agreement, our attorneys are prepared to take a child custody case to trial — even if it is likely to require complex litigation to resolve the matter.

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