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Do You Need Help With A Child Support Agreement?

In any child support matter, the needs of the children must come first. At Miller & Gaudio PC, our family law attorneys work hard to help people do the right thing for their children. Our lawyers can help with any child support matter, including initial establishment of child support, modifications to existing child support agreements and enforcement of child support orders.

Contact a child support attorney at our firm now to discuss child support establishment, enforcement, modification and more during an initial consultation.

How Is Child Support Calculated In New Jersey?

In any marital dissolution litigation or divorce mediation, you must go through the process of calculating child support. Child support payments are established strictly to benefit the children, to account for the costs of a wide range of necessities including food, clothes and medical care. In all cases, we make sure to get exactly what the children need.

Modifications And Enforcement Of Child Support Orders

  • Modifications: A modification can be made to a child support agreement if the person paying has a change in his or her financial situation that is substantial enough to warrant a change in his or her child support obligation. Our lawyers can help people with legitimate reasons for modifications. However, sometimes people try to avoid paying support by, for example, losing a job on purpose. In those situations, our lawyers will gladly fight any invalid attempts by a parent to deprive their kids of support.
  • Enforcement: When a parent neglects to pay child support, an attorney can get a court order demanding payment. If the parent ignores a court order and exhibits a complete disregard for his or her obligation to pay child support, he or she can end up in jail. However, this is often unnecessary and usually the intervention of a lawyer is sufficient.

Contact A Red Bank, New Jersey, Child Support Attorney

If you would like to speak with an attorney about your concerns, call us at 732-582-5043 or use this online form to contact a New Jersey child support lawyer at Miller & Gaudio PC to schedule a consultation. There is more information about family law issues available on our matrimonial law and child support resource links.