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Helping You Arrive At The Most Favorable Possible Result

Choosing the right attorney is crucial to ensuring that a litigant obtains a favorable and desirable resolution to their case. In the practice of family law, this is especially true as the issues to be resolved are extremely personal and the ultimate outcome will affect a litigant for the remainder of his or her life.

A Personalized Approach To Your Complex Divorce Case

The relationship between a family law attorney and his or her client is forged by a feeling of trust and the understanding and belief that the attorney-client relationship is a true partnership. In generating and formulating this bond, honesty and forthrightness are crucial. When engaging in the initial consultation regarding a family law issue, it is imperative that the client provides a complete, detailed and truthful presentation of their past, present and future financial and familial situation, as well as goals for the resolution of the matter. In order to ensure that the attorney is equipped with all necessary information, it is important for the client to attend the consultation with a strong understanding of the parties’ incomes, expenditures, assets and liabilities, through the parties’ past tax returns, current pay stubs, bank and credit card statements, etc. Once the attorney has a complete understanding of the client’s financial and familial situation and the desired outcome, the attorney and client can, jointly, determine the best strategy to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

In all cases, the hope is that an amicable and just resolution can be reached through artful, vigorous and tough negotiations; however, it is imperative that a client’s case is prepared as if it were eventually going to be tried in court, as this sort of preparation ensures that negotiations are conducted from a position of strength.

In the realm of family law, the relationships that give rise to the familial disputes can result from marriage, cohabitation, civil unions, domestic partnerships and unmarried parents. Depending on your specific situation, not every potential issue, as discussed below, will apply to your matter; however, a review of the legal standards below will better equip you to understand why the attorneys at Miller & Gaudio PC are right for you because, as with all legal matters, the hallmark of a good attorney is an understanding of how to best portray the particular facts in a manner which results in a client obtaining their desired result.

Professional Assistance With All Aspects Of A Contested Divorce

We offer comprehensive legal service, covering all aspects of your divorce proceedings, including:

Artfully balancing the various issues to be resolved in a divorce requires extensive foresight and planning, based upon the knowledge and understanding of a client’s long- and short-term goals. A “cookie-cutter” view of negotiating a settlement or presenting a case at trial is simply a disservice to a client; rather, a divorce litigant needs an attorney who will view his or her case on both a micro and macro level in order to ensure that specific short- and long-term needs and goals are met through creative strategies and proposals that balance the overall strengths and weaknesses of a parties’ case on all issues. Fortunately, the divorce lawyers at Miller & Gaudio PC are well-equipped to bring an innovative and comprehensive strategy to your specific case.

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