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Are You Facing Charges For Drunk Driving?

If you have been charged with drunk driving in New Jersey, it is critical that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible in order to have a chance at the best outcome in your defense case. Our criminal defense attorneys at the law offices of The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC are certified trial attorneys with the experience, the knowledge and the will to defend clients’ rights zealously and aggressively.

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  • Challenging the stop: One of the first questions to ask regarding your DWI/DUI arrest is why a law enforcement officer stopped you. If the officer did not have probable cause, our attorneys can challenge the stop by arguing that it was an unreasonable search.
  • Examining the breath test and field sobriety tests: Another defense strategy after your DWI/DUI arrest is close evaluation of the breath test or any field sobriety tests that a police officer used to determine whether you were inebriated. Were the tests reliable? Were they properly administered? Often, we can demonstrate that even a completely sober person would have difficulty performing such tests to the satisfaction of a skeptical traffic cop.
  • Restoring and preserving your driving privileges: Aside from preparing your criminal defense, there is another important issue that must be tended to immediately: your driving privileges. You have a limited time to request an administrative hearing. If one of our lawyers represents you at the administrative hearing, we will work to help you retain your driver’s license or strive to see that your suspension is reversed as soon as possible.

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