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Defective Product Lawsuits

The backbone of a strong product liability claim is collaboration with knowledgeable experts to evaluate how a person was injured. Ideally, experts should be highly educated and accomplished in their fields and have experience testifying for both plaintiffs and defendants in court. If an expert has testified for both sides in a legal area, he or she is more likely to be considered unbiased and credible to a jury in a defective product case.

The Red Bank defective product lawyers at The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC maintain relationships with a network of experts that can be trusted to give unbiased, credible and authoritative testimony. We look for experts with the highest level of field expertise as well as a demonstrated lack of bias.

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Certified Trial Attorneys Representing Injury Victims In New Jersey

From the beginning of each product liability case, we prepare as if we are going to trial. We never operate on the assumption that a defective product case will settle out of court. Our product liability lawyers are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court — a designation earned by only 2 percent of the lawyers in New Jersey.

Turn to our firm to schedule a consultation at our offices regarding injuries caused by defective products such as drugs named in drug recalls, defective machinery, defective air bags and seat belts. Our lawyers understand product liability issues such as design defects and marketing or installing equipment with inadequate warnings, and they stay abreast of recent cases, FDA warnings and new statutes. Our lawyers know how to help product liability clients who have been injured as a result of defective products.

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers Winning Settlements And Verdicts For Injured Persons

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