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Resolving Your Estate Dispute Through Litigation

Estate litigation is sometimes the only effective remedy when a dispute threatens to prevent the settlement of the estate. Certified New Jersey trial attorneys of the law offices of The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC handle complex litigation, including lawsuits involving family law, real estate law and will contests.

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An estate planning attorney is a valuable source of information and advocacy in estate disputes such as the following:

  • An intended beneficiary was left out of a will.
  • A creditor has a claim against an estate.
  • A testator was alleged to be incompetent when a will or trust was formalized.
  • A trust was improperly set up.

As well-established attorneys and strong advocates for our clients, we at The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC are prepared to fight for the rights of surviving family members embroiled in estate litigation. We welcome inquiries from beneficiaries and personal representatives (executor/executrix), creditors and any family members who seek to protect and honor the wishes of the decedent.

Integrity ● Honesty

In all our legal practice areas, honesty and integrity are the fundamental principles that guide our law firm. Our estate litigation attorneys are selective in the cases that we accept in order to devote the time and energy necessary to resolve an estate dispute on behalf of a client. Our civil litigators are recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court as certified civil trial attorneys and are experienced in both state and federal courts. Area judges know and respect our hard work and thorough preparedness.

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