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Workplace injuries at the loading dock

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Many New Jersey workers operate in the busy, active atmosphere of a loading dock. Frequently found at factories, distribution centers and warehouses, these docks serve as the entry point for significant amounts of freight necessary to the business’ operation. In some cases, loading docks are located outdoors, while in other cases, they are enclosed inside a bay. In most cases, they are connected to a storage room, staging area or other location. While loading docks are some of the most central locations for a business’ operation, they can also be a site for workplace accidents and injuries.

Unloading large trucks is often a fast-paced process. Many delivery trucks are on a quick schedule and workers may need to get them cleared out quickly. In most cases, people will use a forklift or a small industrial truck to move the largest quantity of items as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, over 100,000 workers are hurt every year in workplace accidents linked to forklifts and other powered industrial trucks often used in lifting and moving items. Under federal workplace safety regulations, only trained drivers may operate forklifts. Untrained operators can have dangerous accidents that lead to serious injuries.

In addition, the loading and unloading process itself can lead to injuries when people manually lift and move arriving items. Muscle strain and joint injuries are common for workers in these locations. It is important for workers to learn and use proper loading and unloading techniques and have access to proper tools in order to prevent serious injuries and accidents on the job.

Workers who are injured on the job may face serious consequences, especially when they are hurt as the result of safety violations. A workers’ compensation lawyer might be able to help people to protect their rights and seek the compensation.