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How to prevent slip and fall injuries at home

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Preventing slip and fall injuries in your New Jersey home is as simple as moving items that could cause you to trip. Making your home safe from a potential accident caused by a fall is a simple process. The following suggestions offer you ways to prevent hazardous situations from taking place.

Learn how to live without clutter

Your floors should not contain clutter, including books, newspapers, magazines, clothes, shoes or toys that your grandchildren play with when they visit. Eliminate clutter found on every floor of your house to help prevent slip and fall injuries.

Choose rounded-edge furniture

Sharp edges on furnishings can cause you to fall. Prevent unexpected accidents when you use rounded-edge furnishings. Use fewer furnishings in the living room, dining room and bedrooms. Living in a house with the bare essentials may help prevent unexpected slips and falls in your home.

Maintain a healthy exercise routine

Going for early morning walks several days a week strengthens the muscles in your legs. Stronger muscles mean you are less likely to fall and hurt yourself. Improving your balance can also help prevent a fall. Be sure to stretch your arms, legs and knees before going for morning walks.

Paint blue or yellow stripes on steps to prevent falls

A blue or yellow stripe can help prevent an accident. Colorfully painted strips on the edges of steps give you the visual signal to step down.

Avoid using soaps and shampoos containing oily substances

Coconut oil and similar products can leave an oily residue on the shower or bathtub floor. Study the ingredients before buying soap and shampoo products to ensure that they do not contain any ingredients that might cause you to slip.