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Filing complaints against healthcare providers

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

You could file a complaint if you notice a public health risk or safety hazard while receiving medical treatment or working in New Jersey. Where you file the complaint depends on what type of healthcare provider you’re raising concerns about, such as a facility, physician or nurse.

Healthcare facility

You could make an anonymous complaint against a healthcare facility in New Jersey by calling the Department of Health complaint hotline. Filing a complaint through a form would require your name and contact information.


In New Jersey, the Board of Medical Examiners processes complaints against physicians. You would have to file an online complaint with the board about a physician. The Board of Medical Examiners is a New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs subsidiary.


The New Jersey Board of Nursing handles complaints about nurses. This board is also a New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs subsidiary. You must file your complaint online.

Medical malpractice lawsuit

If you want to start a medical malpractice lawsuit in New Jersey, then you need to obtain a health review from another similar type of doctor to use as evidence that malpractice occurred. New Jersey evaluates whether a doctor should have reasonably provided the level of care that would have prevented your injury or illness. For instance, if you had a delayed diagnosis, the court will look into how soon a medical professional should have diagnosed that condition.

At a workplace

You must fill out a form and mail to the New Jersey Department of Health for concerns about health hazards in a workplace. A health hazard is an issue that could cause changes to someone’s body, such as allergic reactions or organ damage. If your complaint concerns a safety hazard, you must fill out and mail the appropriate form to the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development. Safety hazards are issues that pose a risk of accidental injury.

When you observe a health hazard or safety risk at a medical facility or while receiving treatment, you could file a complaint. The Department of Health doesn’t process all types of complaints, so you should check where and how to file a formal complaint for your situation.