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3 factors that contribute to summer bicycle-car collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Personal Injury |

The beautiful weather in the summer often makes people want to go out for a cruise. That means different things to different people. For someone who has a convertible, the summer might be the perfect time to put the top downs and feel the wind in their hair.

For others, the summer might be the ideal time to go out for a long bike ride. Whether people bike to train for a triathlon or as a form of local transportation, they have to share the road with bigger vehicles. The summer unfortunately sees quite a few collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles. There are some factors that seemingly increase the likelihood of a cyclist getting hurt by a motor vehicle, including the following.

When someone rides

Many of the worst cycling collisions occur when it is dark outside. Transitional times of day when the sun rises and sets can be deceptively dangerous. Limited light conditions can make cycling very dangerous, especially if someone does not have illuminated components on their bicycle or safety gear. After the sun sets, craft risk is often higher because drivers don’t look for cyclists after dark in many cases.

Where someone rides

It is easy to think that rural roads might automatically be more dangerous for cyclists. After all, they are much less likely to include bicycle lanes and generally have higher speed limits. Despite what people expect, the vast majority of fatal cycling collisions occur on urban streets with lower speed limits. Additionally, the location on the road itself can be a factor as well. About a third of all cyclist deaths involved incidents at intersections as opposed to elsewhere on the road.

Whether someone drinks before traveling

A small but concerning percentage of those involved in fatal cycling crashes each year are out on the road after drinking. Motorists who are under the influence are also a significant safety concern. They are often unpredictable and erratic, making them particularly dangerous for cyclists.

Those involved in a bicycle crash caused by a motorist may need assistance handling insurance matters or filing a personal injury lawsuit. Drivers typically have an obligation to compensate cyclists when they cause injurious incidents in traffic.