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UTIs are life-threatening in the elderly

One of the most common infections among those who are hospitalized for medical treatment is a urinary tract infection. Patients are especially vulnerable to UTIs when they require the use of a catheter during their stay. Catheters, like other invasive devices, have the potential for introducing bacteria into the body, particularly when medical professionals or facilities fail to follow protocol for hygiene and sterilization.

When the patient is elderly, the risk of contracting a UTI is even higher. If your loved one suffered from a UTI that went unchecked by a New Jersey hospital or nursing home staff, you likely have many questions, and you deserve answers.

Truck accidents commonly cause serious injuries

The thought of getting into a crash with a commercial truck terrifies most New Jersey drivers. Compared to a passenger vehicle, tractor-trailers are enormous. As a result, they can do significant damage. Studies have shown that up to 97 percent of victims killed in collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles were occupants of the passenger vehicle. The victims who do survive such crashes often suffer serious injuries.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries are quite common in truck accidents. Spinal cord injuries occur when the spine is compressed or fractured, damaging the spinal cord. People who suffer this injury are at risk of paralysis, which requires a lifetime of expensive medical care. Traumatic brain injuries occur when a victim's skull is struck, pierced or violently shaken, causing brain tissue to suffer trauma. People who suffer this injury can experience memory problems, personality changes, depression, seizures and degenerative brain diseases.

Surgical errors can seriously affect patient health

Wrong-site, wrong-procedure and wrong-patient surgical errors can be some of the most serious hospital mistakes a patient in New Jersey can face. All three of these types of errors are known as "never events" in the medical profession, meaning that they should never take place and require serious interrogation into safety failures in the case of such an incident. These types of incidents include doctors performing surgery on the wrong body part, conducting the wrong procedure or carrying out an ordered procedure on the incorrect patient.

Because of the serious nature of surgical errors and the potential for long-term harm, these kinds of incidents can be particularly severe. For example, a patient may have a part of their body removed in order to remove a cancerous tumor. However, the body part on the opposite side may be removed instead of the affected part. Now, the patient's cancer has not been treated and a healthy body part was removed. In another example, a patient was given a heart surgery that she did not need; it was intended for a different patient with a similar last name.

Financial concerns when divorcing over 50

For older spouses in New Jersey considering divorce, there can be some important factors to keep in mind. Since the 1950s, the divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 has doubled. This has led to major emotional and financial changes in the lives of many seniors.

Divorce can be a particularly significant concern for older women, many of whom let their husbands make the majority of financial decisions. According to a recent survey, 56 percent of current married women leave major decisions on household finances and investing in the hands of their husbands. This includes 61 percent of Millennial wives and 54 percent of baby boomer women. If anything, this trend is more prominent among wealthy Americans; the survey respondents included people with at least $250,000 to invest.

Proactive measures required for construction site safety

Construction workers in New Jersey should know what dangers they face on the job site and how they can be mitigated. The Center for Construction Research and Training, among other organizations, has found that construction site safety is lacking in key areas with many workers dying after getting caught in machinery or being struck by vehicles and falling objects.

The CPWR reported that between 2011 and 2015, there were more than 800 fatal struck-by accidents. Caught-between accidents also rose 33 percent in that five-year period, the most vulnerable being ironworkers, older workers and workers under 20. Though OSHA has developed a rule requiring employers to electronically report all employee injuries and illnesses, it awaits an amendment that will waive the requirement to send sensitive employee information.

About divorce mediation

New Jersey couples who are looking for an alternative to a litigious divorce may consider divorce mediation. The mediation process involves an unbiased third party who will work to smooth the way for both parties to come to mutually agreeable divorce terms.

There are a number of advantages of going through the mediation process for a divorce. Couples are able to avoid having the litigation process, which can be very expensive and emotionally traumatic for all parties involved. It is particularly beneficial for couples who have children together as it sets the stage for the couple to develop a continuous relationship that is without resentment. Divorce settlements also tend to take less time with divorce mediation than they do with litigation.

Trenches and excavations can pose danger of injury

Construction workers in New Jersey may be particularly concerned about the danger of workplace injuries and accidents, especially following the rising number of injuries and fatalities due to accidents and collapses in trenches and excavations. The construction industry overall can present a higher risk of on-the-job injuries due to the heavy physical labor and machinery involved in unfinished structures. In addition, the depressions, cuts and cavities used in excavations and trenches can pose a particular threat of cave-ins, collapses or falls.

In response to the rising number of workplace injuries being sustained in trenches, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified trench safety improvement as a major goal and priority in 2018. While two workers have been killed each month since 2011 due to trench collapses, the number went up sharply in 2016; fatalities caused by trench and excavation injuries doubled the average over the previous five years. In response, OSHA has emphasized trench safety requirements, like providing clear egress mechanisms and using protective systems and technologies, especially in trenches deeper than 5 feet.

Missed cancer diagnosis costs NJ doctor millions

Delays in medical diagnoses can have irreparable and sometimes fatal consequences. And if the consequences aren’t fatal delays can still leave a patient with a diminished quality of life and put them and their loved ones through emotional turmoil.

Sadly one New Jersey family knows all too well the devastation that a missed diagnosis can cause.

When alimony is awarded, what should you do?

Alimony, often called spousal support, is a form of compensation that can financially balance the post-divorce lives of two people that end their marriage. This doesn't mean that it will be "equal" in a financial sense after a divorce -- but it can help the spouse that may have sacrificed his or her career or professional prospects for the good of the marriage.

When it is awarded (and it is not guaranteed in every divorce), the spouses involved need to prepare themselves for the implications of these support payments. There are tax implications to having alimony involved in your divorce. The paying spouse can deduct the payments from his or her taxes, while the receiving spouse must include that compensation in their taxable income.

Cost of Child's Car Insurance

In a recent trial court published decision, the Court considered a parent's obligation to share in the incremental cost of a child's car insurance as an additional obligation beyond the child support being paid pursuant to the child support guidelines.

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