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Call us before springing divorce on your spouse

Have you come to a fork in the road for your marriage? You may be trying to evaluate and assess the viability of your marriage to determine how you will go forward. But the one thing that you know for certain is that you haven't been happy with your relationship with your spouse for a long time.

Before taking any actions that can have lasting repercussions, it's a good idea to seek legal advice. We can help you explore all the options you have: Seeking counseling to get your marriage back on track, agreeing to remain in a parenting marriage for the kids' sake or making the decision to separate and divorce.

Fatal car crash numbers spike during first week of DST

New Jersey residents may feel drowsy after the "spring forward" into daylight saving time. They should be aware that this loss of an hour of sleep leads, in the initial week, to a 6% increase in fatal car crashes nationwide according to one recent study. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have calculated that about 28 fatal crashes occur in this week every year because of the transition.

The risk is even higher the farther west one lives in a time zone. Those on the westernmost edges may still find themselves commuting to work in the dark, so drowsiness becomes a problem. Researchers determined that there are 8% more fatal crashes in these regions.

Strategies for preventing medical errors

On average, one out of every three people in New Jersey and across the nation use more than five medications at one time. On any given week, 80% of adults will need a prescription drug or take a supplement according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Those who take multiple drugs at the same time could be at a higher risk of an error that could result in significant injury or death.

However, there are ways that individuals can lower their risk of a medication error. For example, patients are encouraged to follow dosage instructions as closely as possible. This is especially true if two or more people in the same household use the same medication. Individuals are also encouraged to keep a list of all the medications that they are taking and who prescribed them. Doing so may reduce the chances of a drug interaction.

A unique way to share parenting time after a contentious divorce

Not every New Jersey couple who divorces can easily put aside their differences in order to co-parent. However, that doesn't mean they don't want to share joint custody and spend as equal an amount of time with the children as possible. Many couples can't stand to be in the same room together but can easily acknowledge that each of them is a good parent to the children.

This acknowledgement may be enough for divorcing parents to come to an agreement regarding child custody and parenting time. Even after a contentious and emotional divorce, it is possible to enjoy joint custody of the children thanks to a unique arrangement.

Workers' compensation can be key after construction injuries

Safety is a concern for New Jersey workers in the construction industry. Since construction is one of the riskiest occupations for injuries and death, workers' compensation benefits can be key to people getting the medical care they need and making ends meet.

A new study analyzed job site supervision and how it plays into safety. Contractors listed the most essential factors in safety: 84% cited worker involvement, 83% said supervisors needed to have strong leadership attributes, 82% referenced frequent safety meetings, and 77% mentioned the need for workers to have continuous access to safety training for workers and supervisors. Other concerns included: safety audits at 67%, staff meetings about safety from the corporate perspective was mentioned by 62%, and safety-focused staffers came in at 61%. Half wanted an internal person to provide this training, 73% wanted those who were trusted as supervisors and foremen to handle it.

Study identifies most common misdiagnosis categories

Misdiagnosis is a major risk for patients in New Jersey and across the United States. In fact, a new study finds that between 40,000 and 80,000 Americans may die each year due to various types of diagnosis errors. These mistakes might also cause serious harm to another 80,000 to 160,000 patients nationwide.

For the study, which was published in the journal Diagnosis, researchers at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Medicine analyzed data from more than 11,000 medical malpractice claims filed in the U.S. and organized all the misdiagnosis events into general categories. For example, there are often several different diagnosis codes used for stroke events and heart attacks, and the researchers lumped them all into a single category called "vascular events." The authors of the study believe this is the first time misdiagnosis cases have been categorized in such a way.

Volvo's new car to detect for drunk driving, texting

Almost 30,000 drivers were detained in 2018 in New Jersey on suspicion of drunk driving. An automobile manufacturer is trying to lower these numbers. Volvo is set to be the first car manufacturer to develop a vehicle with a driver monitoring and intervention system to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Volvo's new system uses cameras, rather than a breath analyzer, to check for drivers too impaired to operate a motor vehicle. While other vehicle manufacturers offer vehicles that use cameras to watch for unsafe drivers on the road, Volvo's will be the first to use this technology to look at the driver of the vehicle.

Reducing drunk driving collisions with technology

Despite stiff penalties and widespread public awareness campaigns, drunk driving continues to present a serious threat to roadway safety in New Jersey. For over 100 years, drunk driving has been the major cause of fatal car crashes, while thousands of people are injured every year in motor vehicle collisions linked to driving under the influence. Some technologies provide possibilities for stopping drunk drivers before they cause a crash. For example, some people convicted of drunk driving may be required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles, essentially requiring them to take a breath test before they start driving.

However, automakers also see possibilities to reduce car accidents with autonomous vehicle technologies. Volvo plans to introduce systems in all of its cars in the next five years that could stop a drunk driver. These systems make use of existing autonomous technologies as well as an array of cameras and sensors, without relying on a breath test. Cameras would use algorithms to detect signs linked to drunk driving, such as a driver's eyes repeatedly closing behind the wheel.

Why January is being called Divorce Month

Individuals in legal circles have started to call the month of January "Divorce Month." Statistics reveal that divorce filings go up during the first part of the month of January. Even queries in search engines and online platforms reveal that more people are searching for things related to divorce during this time of the year. Individuals in New Jersey and other places may wonder why this is the case.

One reason behind why January is starting to be called "Divorce Month" may have to do with the fact that people want to make positive changes in their life at the beginning of the year. If they feel unsatisfied with their marriage and their life, part of making positive changes may include a divorce.

Warehouse workers risk injury on the job

An increasing number of people in New Jersey are working in the warehouse industry, especially as online shopping fuels ever more expansion of warehouse space. Amazon alone controls over 150 million square feet of warehouse area around the world, and a growing number of businesses are depending more on sales made online rather than those made in brick-and-mortar stores. Those goods are still stored somewhere and shipped, however, which means that warehouses are playing an increasing role in retail goods reaching customers. As a result, warehouse workers are under significant pressure to process massive numbers of orders quickly and correctly.

All of this means that workplace injuries are also increasingly common in warehouses. Workers are under pressure to meet heavy quotas and may rush through their tasks, especially if they are forced to make a choice between following workplace safety procedures and keeping their jobs or earning a bonus. Managers may be tasked with productivity goals as well as safety management, and safety can easily fall by the wayside in favor of increased output. Companies are also developing more automated, robotic technologies. This can lead to fewer workers on the job to handle a large amount of work as well as the potential for injury from difficult or malfunctioning equipment.

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