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Floor markings: how they improve facility operations

Many workplaces across New Jersey could use more floor markings. These can not only improve workflow but also protect employees and raise their awareness of safety procedures. Floor tape in particular is inexpensive and versatile: It can be used on floors, walls, pipes and equipment. The first benefit of floor markings is that they can help identify safety hazards that are specific to the facility.

It's all a matter of improving the facility's visual communication. If employers know that certain areas experience high levels of traffic or frequent reports of worker errors, the markings can help improve safety there. The markings can explain safety procedures and remind workers to, for example, wear personal protective equipment or put tools back in the right place.

Sepsis leaves many people with lifelong health issues

Whether you suffered a hospital-acquired infection or contracted an infection after a surgical procedure, you ended up suffering from sepsis. It became so bad that you ended up staying in the hospital even longer in order to receive aggressive treatment.

When doctors released you from the hospital with a clean bill of health, you hoped that your ordeal was finally over. Unfortunately, you started to experience odd symptoms.

The danger of lead exposure on the job

Numerous workers in New Jersey are exposed to inorganic lead on a daily basis. As a pure metal, an alloy or a chemical compound, lead can be used in everything from pipes and building materials to ammunition and the lead-acid batteries in automobiles. It was once found in paint as a corrosion inhibitor and pigment but fell under a ban back in 1977.

Inhaling and ingesting lead, especially through lead-containing dust and fumes, can lead to health problems. The lead will pass through the lungs and into the blood, affecting organs like the kidneys and giving rise to anemia, neurological conditions and gastrointestinal effects like nausea and continual abdominal pain. Workers may accidentally ingest the metal by eating, drinking or smoking with contaminated hands or clothing.

Rheumatologists commonly misdiagnose vasculitis

New Jersey rheumatology doctors should use great caution when diagnosing patients with suspected vasculitis, according to a presentation at the Rheumatology Nurses Society Annual Conference. Apparently, the condition is easy to misdiagnose, leading to improper treatments such as high-dose steroids.

The presenter, who is a doctor and the president of Independent Healthcare Associates, Inc., said that it is important for rheumatology health care providers to treat suspected vasculitis cases with "a high index of suspicion" because several other conditions, such as endocarditis, cholesterol emboli, and certain rare central nervous system conditions, can mimic its symptoms. Meanwhile, patient drug use can also cause drug-induced vasculitis, which is quite different from idiopathic vasculitis syndromes. If doctors don't do enough testing to screen for these conditions, mistakes can be made, leading to serious consequences for the patient.

Protecting a business with a prenuptial agreement

Very few people intend to get a divorce after they first get married. However, couples in New Jersey and other states are becoming increasingly aware that setting up a prenuptial agreement can be a smart move. This is especially true when one or both of the spouses own businesses before getting married. To avoid having a business end up as marital property subject to division and distribution during a divorce, a prenup will clearly state who owns what assets.

The first step in this process is to figure out the value of the business before the marriage begins. This value can be protected with a prenup, but any additional value the company gains during a marriage may be subject to distribution. In addition, the prenup can detail if a spouse will share in the profits or losses of a business. This could depend on how much the spouse plans to directly or indirectly contribute to the business.

Five summer hazards to protect construction workers from

The construction industry is one of the deadliest in New Jersey, and it faces a particular set of challenges during the summer. The five leading hazards during this season are fatigue, heat-related illness, dehydration, extended sun exposure and the threat of cars in roadside construction zones.

Failing to protect employees from these hazards can lead to injuries and even death. Heat-related illnesses range from heat rash to heatstroke. Sun exposure, in the long run, can lead to skin cancer. And construction zones are the site of nearly 100 worker deaths every year, according to NIOSH.

Worst holiday for DUI fatalities is the Fourth of July

Based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System, there are more DUI fatalities on the Fourth of July than on any other major U.S. holiday. New Jersey residents should know that drunk driving, besides being the cause of many accidents, can land first-time offenders in jail for up to one year in addition to leaving them with fines and higher insurance rates.

DUI crashes on the Fourth of July led to 1,192 deaths between 2010 and 2017. The holiday with the second highest DUI fatality rate was Memorial Day with 1,105 dying on that day during the same eight-year period. After that, the deadliest holidays are, in descending order, Labor Day, New Year's, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Research discovers hundreds of medical reversals

A comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials in three different medical journals revealed that more than 400 common medical procedures are actually ineffective. Researchers from several prestigious universities looked at controlled clinical trials from the last 15 years, which covered more than 3,000 different articles, to get their results. The researchers who conducted this study are hoping that their findings will end many medical procedures in New Jersey and other states that may be doing more harm than good.

Medical practices that are found to be no better than previous or lesser standards of care are referred to as medical reversals. Identifying these practices can be difficult, especially when practices at only one provider are studies. A meta-analysis looks at procedures from many different providers to get a more accurate look at outcomes. The journals studied in this research were the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

Workplace injuries at the loading dock

Many New Jersey workers operate in the busy, active atmosphere of a loading dock. Frequently found at factories, distribution centers and warehouses, these docks serve as the entry point for significant amounts of freight necessary to the business' operation. In some cases, loading docks are located outdoors, while in other cases, they are enclosed inside a bay. In most cases, they are connected to a storage room, staging area or other location. While loading docks are some of the most central locations for a business' operation, they can also be a site for workplace accidents and injuries.

Unloading large trucks is often a fast-paced process. Many delivery trucks are on a quick schedule and workers may need to get them cleared out quickly. In most cases, people will use a forklift or a small industrial truck to move the largest quantity of items as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, over 100,000 workers are hurt every year in workplace accidents linked to forklifts and other powered industrial trucks often used in lifting and moving items. Under federal workplace safety regulations, only trained drivers may operate forklifts. Untrained operators can have dangerous accidents that lead to serious injuries.

Preventable pregnancy-related complications are killing women

As you spent months picking out the perfect name and getting the nursery just right, you could not have known that you were also preparing for one of the worst experiences of your life. Like most people in New Jersey, you understood that pregnancy and childbirth are complicated, but you probably trusted the medical community to meet any problems head-on. Unfortunately, a shockingly high number of women are dying from pregnancy-related complications every year.

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control detailed just how bad the problem is. Maternal health in the United States is in extremely poor shape. Not only does the U.S. have a high pregnancy mortality rate compared to other developed nations, but those mortality rates have not improved at all over recent years.

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