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Can workers’ compensation help after a serious car crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Car crashes are a major safety concern in New Jersey. Crashes are a part of daily life even if the average motorist may go years without experiencing a collision. The more time people spend on the road, the more likely they are to end up involved in a serious motor vehicle collision.

According to workplace safety statistics, car wrecks are one of the leading causes of worker injuries and deaths. Some people drive every day as part of their employment. They may use company fleet vehicles to perform service calls for clients or may do direct sales at other businesses. Others only drive occasionally. They may need to pick up supplies for an office or deliver products to consumers. Driving while on the clock – or otherwise engaged in work-related activity – means that someone could end up in a crash while working.

Workers’ compensation coverage can help

The average person expects to use car insurance to pay for crash expenses. After all, drivers in New Jersey have an obligation to carry liability insurance. However, car insurance may not cover someone’s expenses in cases where there is another party with liability.

If a crash occurs during the work day while someone is on the clock, then workers’ compensation coverage is off to the first line of defense. An employer does not need to be at fault for a job incident. No-fault coverage means that workers’ compensation applies even when a third party, such as another driver, is at fault for the incident.

The availability of workers’ compensation coverage helps ensure that there is adequate medical coverage for someone’s treatment expenses. They could also potentially qualify for disability benefits that can help them pay their cost-of-living expenses during a leave of absence.

A workers’ compensation claim can supplement the liability coverage available through car insurance. Employees hoping to use workers’ compensation for certain expenses may need help learning about the law to comply with all applicable regulations.

Notifying an employer about the incident is the first step toward obtaining workers’ compensation coverage for car crash injuries that are related to one’s employment. Those who understand what types of coverage are available can reduce the economic consequences of an injury sustained while working.