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Truck accidents commonly cause serious injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Personal Injury |

The thought of getting into a crash with a commercial truck terrifies most New Jersey drivers. Compared to a passenger vehicle, tractor-trailers are enormous. As a result, they can do significant damage. Studies have shown that up to 97 percent of victims killed in collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles were occupants of the passenger vehicle. The victims who do survive such crashes often suffer serious injuries.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries are quite common in truck accidents. Spinal cord injuries occur when the spine is compressed or fractured, damaging the spinal cord. People who suffer this injury are at risk of paralysis, which requires a lifetime of expensive medical care. Traumatic brain injuries occur when a victim’s skull is struck, pierced or violently shaken, causing brain tissue to suffer trauma. People who suffer this injury can experience memory problems, personality changes, depression, seizures and degenerative brain diseases.

Truck accident victims also commonly suffer broken bones, lacerations and bruises. While these injuries sound less serious than spine and brain injuries, they can still lead to disabilities and disfigurement. Further, many patients continue to suffer emotional trauma long after their bodies have healed. This can take the form of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many truck accident victims face weeks or months of intensive medical treatments, and some people require medical care for the rest of their lives. It may be beneficial for victims to speak with a personal injury attorney about their legal options. Depending on the details of the case, it may be possible to hold the truck driver accountable for the crash and obtain a settlement that covers medical expenses, loss of income and other related damages.

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