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You need an expert witness for your malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

Medical malpractice lawsuits involve deaths and injuries to people at some of their most vulnerable moments. It’s very hard to win this kind of case without having an expert testify. Some states even require them for a case to proceed. In New Jersey, there are strict rules around who can be called as a medical witness and what kind of compensation they can receive.

What a medical expert does

Medical experts are helpful in demystifying medical procedures and ethics requirements for jurors and judges. They can explain what a duty of care is and why it was or wasn’t met in the current case. They often have the same specialty as the person who’s being sued, so they can explain issues related to the field and what best practices are within it. A medical expert must be able to make sense of charts and other records in a way the general public will understand.

In New Jersey, medical experts must be licensed in the United States to testify. They’re not permitted to accept fees on a contingency basis. Usually, they have to be a specialist or sub-specialist in a field relevant to the case. At minimum, they must be recognized by a hospital to treat the condition at issue or perform the surgery that led to the medical malpractice claim.

Understanding the importance of legal help

Malpractice cases sometimes deal with very serious errors. These include things like performing the wrong surgery on a patient or transfusing the wrong blood type into a patient. Finding an attorney who has relationships with qualified experts could be crucial to a case. It might be key in making your case effectively and walking away with the damages you truly deserve.