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Three smart ways to prevent medication errors from happening

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Taking medications is a normal part of life. There are medications for everything from depression to acid reflux. Unfortunately, things can go from bad to worse if you’re one of many who experience a medication error in New Jersey each year. Here’s how to help prevent medication errors from happening to you.

Ask questions

Medication errors sometimes happen because people forget to ask questions. It’s important to ask your medical provider what any prescribed medications do. If there’s anything you’re wondering about your medications, never be afraid to ask questions. Most medical facilities or pharmacies have around-the-clock phone numbers you can call with any concerns.

Know all the medications you take

There’s a reason why all new patients complete forms asking them what medications they take. Asking about your current medications helps medical professionals avoid prescribing something that causes negative reactions. You can avoid this problem by always being honest about every single medication or supplement you use. If you can’t remember this information, make and carry a list that contains all your medications.

Have someone assist you with your medications

Not all medication errors involve medical malpractice. Sometimes, a medication error happens due to someone misreading a label or something similar. Fortunately, you can prevent this situation by having someone help you take your medications. This kind of help is beneficial for people recovering from surgery or those with injuries affecting their memory.

It only takes a single medication error to put someone in a potentially life-threatening situation. With that said, not all medication errors are deadly. However, it never hurts to seek medical attention after a medication error happens to you.