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The use of interrogatories in workers’ compensation cases

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Interrogatories are written interviews that are required after filing certain workers’ compensation cases in New Jersey. These questions are needed to obtain additional information about the specific details of a case. Every workplace injury is different and may require different procedures when trying to obtain workers’ compensation.

When interrogatories are used

Interrogatories are questions that are submitted from one party to another. An investigator may request additional information about a document or event from an employer or employee who is involved in a case of workers’ compensation. This procedure is used during the discovery when evidence is being collected but before the hearing occurs.

Types of information

The types of details that are obtained in an interrogatory vary. The first questions often require the proper identification of the plaintiff, defendant or witnesses. The witnesses are often asked to give an overview of their testimonies involving the workplace accident. An employee may be asked for the dates of his or her employment, the accident or the filing of the complaint. The defendant may ask the plaintiff to note the specific case laws or code sections that are related to the injury.

Written interrogatories are used during the discovery process to collect additional facts about your workers’ comp case. The injured employee, employer or insurance provider is asked to provide written answers to specific questions. An interrogatory could result in the use of additional evidence, the addition of new witness testimony or the invalidation of the entire case. This step is not always necessary but helps to reduce the complications of a case and increase the chances that the injured worker receives a fair settlement.