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Why New Jersey workers need a lawyer for a workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation benefits protect workers in most professions in New Jersey. Those working as employees generally have protection against job-acquired medical conditions. Workers’ compensation can provide someone with both wage replacement benefits and medical coverage.

Given that it is available to almost all employees, people sometimes wrongly assume that they can handle a workers’ compensation claim without professional assistance. However, the average worker would very likely benefit from hiring a lawyer as they prepare for a workers’ compensation claim.

Why do people bring in a lawyer when applying for standard New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits?

They need to focus on their recovery

Perhaps the simplest reason to consider bringing in outside support for a benefits claim is how much work it can take to recover from an injury or illness related to employment. People need to schedule appointments, take medication, attend physical therapy sessions and otherwise make meeting their own health needs a top priority. Additionally, they typically need to keep their stress levels as low as possible. Stress can affect someone’s healing ability and overall health. Trying to learn the jargon for a workers’ compensation claim and communicate with the parties who influence a worker’s benefits can be very stressful for someone already coping with major medical challenges.

Small mistakes can mean major losses

The average person navigating a workers’ compensation claim is likely unfamiliar with the paperwork required. They may also have a hard time estimating the lifetime financial impact that their injuries will generate. Mistakes made when filling out paperwork, delays in reporting and improper concessions during negotiations can all diminish someone’s likelihood of an ideal outcome. A worker who doesn’t understand the long-term financial impact of their injuries, for example, might agree to a lump-sum settlement that doesn’t properly compensate them.

An attorney knows how to complete workers’ compensation paperwork and when to submit certain documents. They are familiar with reporting requirements and also the rights of workers. They can help people determine what their claim is worth and handle the stressful details of settlement negotiation. As a result, obtaining the right help can make a huge difference for those in need of New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits.