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A New Jersey misdiagnosis and your feelings

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

When you visit a doctor in New Jersey and learn that you might have a serious illness, it can be a frightening experience. However, if you find out that you were misdiagnosed and could have an illness that’s more severe or that you don’t have at all, you could experience a range of emotions that are difficult to cope with and understand. Here are a few strategies that could help.

Your emotions are valid

Whether you feel anger, sadness or depression after a misdiagnosis, remember that the feelings that you have are valid. You’re entitled to take time to process the results that you receive in a way that’s healthy for you instead of feeling as though others don’t understand. A medical malpractice claim could be filed in order to receive compensation for pain and suffering that could experience throughout the process.


Talking about your misdiagnosis can sometimes help you understand why it happened and what you can do to decrease the risks of it happening again. A counselor or a psychologist is an option to consider if you want professional guidance. You could also talk to a trusted friend or family member as well as your doctor to get a better understanding of why the condition was not diagnosed properly.


One way that you can decrease the risk of misdiagnosis in the future is by having regular checkups so that your health is monitored. This can allow your doctor to perform bloodwork and other tests that can give an early indication if there is something developing over time so that the proper treatments can be put in place.

Although a misdiagnosis can happen and can be devastating at times, there are ways that you can handle it in a healthy way along with trying to prevent it in the future.