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3 common injuries when working in warehouses

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Warehouses help transport goods and services used around the country. Workers are often paid well – but the job has its dangers.

Warehouse workers who suffer from injuries while working may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, such as lost wage payments and medical coverage. Here are a few dangers warehouse workers may face on the job:

1. Slips and falls

Warehouses are not always the cleanest. The floors in warehouses are often covered in oils, slick spots and spilled liquids. An employee could suffer a slip-and-fall accident. Slips and falls can lead to severe head and spine injuries.

While employees should be mindful of wet spots, they aren’t the cause of slip-and-fall accidents. Cords, debris and wrinkled rungs may catch an employee’s foot and lead to a fall.  

2. Forklifts

Whether a forklift is operated by a trained and highly skilled employee or someone who has never driven a forklift, these machines are dangerous. A forklift can cause accidents that are similar to other motor vehicles. An employee who speeds on a forklift or makes turns without indicators can cause severe injuries to others and themself. 

The prongs on forklifts are especially dangerous. Forklift prongs are used to lift up heavy crates and shipments. However, these tools are often very sharp. If a forklift hits an employee, the prong could impale them and cause severe and permanent injuries.

Another danger of forklifts is rollovers. If the weight of a forklift is unbalanced or an employee is misusing the machine, the vehicle could topple over. Operators and employees in the vicinity could be crushed underneath the heavy machinery. 

3. Dangerous chemicals

Employees handle many kinds of shipments. One type of shipment that employees have to be mindful of is dangerous chemicals. Shipments of this kind are often labeled, however, accidents do happen.

A shipment containing hazardous chemicals could break. The contents of the shipments can leak and expose workers. Workers exposed to chemicals could suffer from skin burns, rashes and respiratory illnesses. 

Just because an employee is injured while working does not mean they are automatically eligible for benefits. Employees may need to learn about their legal rights as they take the necessary steps to receive workers’ compensation.