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Who covers the costs of a parking lot slip-and-fall?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Some of the most severe collisions that occur each year in New Jersey take place during times of winter weather. Even when New Jersey residents reach their destination, they may still be at risk until they actually get inside, away from the winter weather. 

Parking lots see a lot of slip-and-fall incidents during the winter months. People may not be able to maintain their traction when snow or ice accumulates. Who is to blame for a slip-and-fall caused by snowy or icy pavement in a parking lot? 

Property owners should keep parking lots clear

Providing adequate parking is often necessary for a business that wants to attract customers. People choosing where to shop may go to the business with more accessible parking lots over a shop that only has on-street parking. 

Adequate parking spaces can make a big difference in a company’s attractiveness to customers, but those parking spaces also create a maintenance obligation. Property owners and business tenants must engage in appropriate maintenance to keep parking lots safe for those using and crossing them. Those obligations include removing snow and ice as it accumulates during times of winter weather. 

The failure to do so can make the business responsible for any injuries that visitors incur because they slip on an icy section of pavement. Premises liability claims might begin with an icy or snowy parking lot. Ice can lead to people falling, while snow can hide a pothole that then causes a twisted ankle or broken bone. 

Someone hurt in a slip-and-fall accident may have grounds to seek compensation for their medical expenses and also for their lost wages if the injury forces them to take time away from their employment. Holding the right party accountable is crucial for someone’s financial health after they fall in a poorly maintained parking lot.