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Half of accident injuries happen at intersections

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Intersections are incredibly dangerous. Some studies have found that about 25% of all traffic deaths happen at an intersection every year. The statistics are even more dire for injuries, with about 50% of them occurring in accidents that happen at intersections.

Of course, intersections themselves are often necessary. They can be avoided on major road systems, like the interstate, but there’s no way to really avoid them on many urban streets. Roads simply have to cross paths, and this means traffic does too. Any time that vehicles are crossing paths, there’s a chance for a collision if one of those drivers makes a mistake.

How can you stay safe?

To focus on safety, the first thing is to remain alert and aware of everything that is happening around you. If the light turns green, for instance, don’t just instinctively drive into the intersection. That green light isn’t going to stop a vehicle that is running the red from the other direction. Instead, carefully look at the traffic around you before deciding if it is safe to proceed.

In some cases, it may be wise to avoid intersections when you can. Roundabouts are safer, so try to use them if you have the option. It’s also safer to drive on the interstate because, as noted above, there aren’t intersections. Traffic is controlled by ramps\ and everyone is driving in the same direction, making it much safer.

That said, you can’t entirely avoid intersections or accident risks. If another driver makes a mistake and injures you, you may deserve compensation for the medical bills stemming from the accident and many other related costs, such as lost wages.