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Identifying Emergency Room Errors

Emergency rooms can be extremely busy places. They are designed to quickly identify and begin treating injuries and medical conditions. Unfortunately, for many people, the emergency room is a place to receive primary care. This can overburden an emergency room and lead to mistakes that injure or kill people.

In the emergency room, some common potential mistakes that can seriously harm people include:

  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis — Emergency room doctors often have less time to interpret the symptoms a patient is exhibiting. This can lead to a failure to diagnose properly or a misdiagnosis. Without a proper diagnosis, the patient will not receive the care he or she actually needs to address his or her health concerns.
  • Prematurely releasing or transferring patients — Too many emergency room patients are prematurely released, perhaps because of an improper diagnosis. If a patient is sent home without having been properly treated, he or she is put at risk of serious, possibly fatal, complications. Also, emergency rooms may transfer patients to other facilities for lack of insurance or some other reasons. This causes delay of treatment and may exacerbate the severity of injuries or a medical condition.
  • Medication errors — Given the sometimes hectic pace of an emergency room, communication errors and simple mistakes can lead to patients being given too much medicine, not enough or maybe a medicine they should not have been given.

No matter how hectic an emergency room is, that is never an excuse for failing to provide the quality medical care people deserve.

Multimillion Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdicts And Settlements

At The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC, our firm is highly skilled at crafting effective medical malpractice cases. We will examine the medical records from your emergency room visit and look for lapses in the care that you received. Everyone deserves quality medical care. Just because the care was provided in an emergency room does not mean it can be of lesser quality.

We have secured multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for the victims of medical malpractice and we can help you. Our civil litigators are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Emergency Room Error Lawyers Serving Red Bank And Throughout New Jersey

When errors in the emergency room have left you or someone you love injured, turn to The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 732-747-6016 or contact us online.

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