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What Can Go Wrong During A Surgery?

Of all the types of medical care that raise people’s concerns, surgery is near the top of that list. Allowing someone else to cut into your body requires a high degree of faith in his or her skills as a surgeon.

There are few other medical procedures where the idea that something could go wrong is so prevalent. The fear people feel about being operated on is not unfounded. There are real risks. The consequences of a surgeon making a mistake can be profound and lasting.

There are many different types of errors a surgeon can commit. Some of the more common ways a surgeon can harm a patient include:

  • Wrong-site surgery (operating on the wrong part of the body)
  • Wrong-person surgery (performing the wrong operation on a person)
  • Foreign object left behind
  • Nicked or perforated organs, blood vessels or nerves
  • Failure to monitor for signs of infection

Identifying When Mistakes Were Made

Often when doctors make mistakes, there is a strong reluctance to admit them. We work with a network of medical experts that allows us to identify when the care that was provided deviated from the accepted standards of care.

Multimillion Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdicts And Settlements

At Miller & Gaudio PC, we use our decades of experience litigating medical malpractice case to help us analyze your medical records so that we can pinpoint what went wrong and who was responsible. Our strength as litigators allows us to serve as highly effective advocates for those who have been injured by surgeons. We have been helping the injured since 1984. Our record of success includes having obtained multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.

Our civil litigators are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Surgical Error Lawyers Serving Red Bank And Throughout New Jersey

If a surgeon has made a mistake the left you or a loved one injured, turn to Miller & Gaudio PC. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 732-582-5043 or contact us online.

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