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Were You Injured Because Of A Medication Error?

Medication has become an ever more important means of treating medical conditions. As these pharmaceutical drugs have become a more important element in how doctors treat people, the impact of medication errors has grown as well. Some of the issues that can cause injury include:

  • Overdoses
  • Underdoses
  • Prescribing the wrong medicine
  • Failing to look out for a possible adverse drug interaction

There are many different ways that medication errors can occur, including:

  • Pharmacists — The majority of drugs that people take come to them through their pharmacists. A pharmacist has a responsibility to review every prescription he or she fills. The pharmacists must consider if he or she is providing a proper dosage, the right medicine for the condition, whether there is the possibility of any adverse interactions with other drugs the patient is taking and allergies, among other issues.
  • Nursing homes — Nursing homes administer a substantial amount of prescription drugs to their patients. They need to monitor their patients and consider many of the same issues as pharmacists. When they fail, the consequences can be especially harmful given the sometimes frail nature of their patients.
  • Doctors — Because doctors write the prescriptions that people need, they are responsible for many of the same issues.
  • Nurses — Nurses must be careful that the drugs they are administering are proper for a patient and his or her condition.

Multimillion Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdicts And Settlements

At The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC, our firm knows the harm that medication errors can cause. Even a simple mistake can have fatal consequences. It is absolutely essential that every person involved in the prescribing and administering of drugs takes responsibility for the patient’s health. When that does not happen and injuries occur, the responsible health care professional needs to be held accountable. With our decades of experience building strong medical malpractice cases, we know how to create that accountability and secure justice for you.

We have obtained multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for our medical malpractice clients in the past. Our civil litigators are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Medication Error Lawyers Serving Red Bank And Throughout New Jersey

For representation that can help you after a medication error has injured you or a loved one, turn to The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 732-747-6016 or contact us online.

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