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Were You Injured During Laparoscopic Surgery?

Technological advances have allowed for the development of surgical techniques that minimize invasiveness. In the laparoscopic technique, surgeons are able to perform surgeries using miniaturized cameras and other tools that allow them to enter the body through small incisions. By making smaller entry points into the body, surgical goals such as the removal of a gall bladder can be achieved while avoiding the need for major entry incisions that require extensive healing.

Risks Of Laparoscopic Surgery

However, the benefits of laparoscopic surgery come with their own set of risks. Any inadvertent injury that is created — a blood vessel or organ could be nicked or perforated during the surgery. Without the visibility that comes from normal surgical procedures, the nick or perforation might go unnoticed and the surgeon may believe they can conclude the surgery. An internal wound that is left to bleed can cause serious problems including sepsis or loss of blood. Furthermore, other types of injuries can happen such as piercing of an unrelated organ.

If these injuries are not detected and are left untreated, the patient faces very real risks that could lead to death.

Multimillion Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdicts And Settlements

At The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC, our firm is skilled at building highly effective medical malpractice cases. We will examine your medical records for any indicators that should have alerted your surgeon that there was an issue that needed to be investigated and treated. Our decades of experience allow us to analyze and interpret medical records to identify errors. We work with a variety of highly qualified medical experts to help us illustrate how the medical care that injured you was substandard.

We have achieved an admirable record of success that includes multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements. Our civil litigators are certified as civil trial attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Laparoscopic Surgery Error Lawyers Serving Red Bank And Throughout New Jersey

When you or a loved one was injured by mistakes related to a laparoscopic surgery, turn to The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 732-747-6016 or contact us online.

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