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Efficient Litigation Services For Sexual Abuse Cases

The public is well aware that sexual abuse is a crime. But rape, child molestation and sexual battery can also be the subject of civil litigation for damages. Through an injury claim, you or your child may receive compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted by a family member, teacher, counselor, healthcare provider, therapist, priest or other clergy member after a sexual assault.

Contact the Red Bank, New Jersey, law firm of The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio PC to schedule a free initial consultation regarding civil litigation as a means of pursuing justice for sexual abuse.

Although the perpetrator of sexual abuse, such as a coach or teacher, will be the target of any criminal investigation after sexual activity with a minor (whether consensual or not), his or her employer can be held responsible through civil litigation for any negligence that contributed to the abuse.

If our civil litigation attorneys agree to handle your sexual abuse claim, they will investigate issues such as the following:

  • Was the victim underage or otherwise vulnerable?
  • Did the school, church, nursing home or health care provider have safeguards in place to protect young and vulnerable students, parishioners, residents, patients or clients?
  • Was the perpetrator allowed to be alone behind closed doors with the victim without appropriate supervision or monitoring?
  • Were any previous similar behaviors by the perpetrator ignored or undetected by appropriate authorities?
  • Is there a premises liability case for an assault in an unlit stairway or parking garage, or a shopping mall parking lot with inadequate security?

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Contact an experienced civil litigation lawyer to seek justice for an incident of sexual abuse. If we accept your sexual abuse civil litigation case, we pledge to seek every legal remedy available in pursuit of fair compensation for the victim. While money cannot turn back the clock and undo the damage, it can serve as a resource to provide for therapy, counseling and other healing measures. Call us at 732-747-6016.